Paramedic Science Program

The paramedic is the highest level of prehospital care provider in the EMS system. The focus of this education is to increase the depth of knowledge gained as an EMT.

Program Requirements:

  • 12-18 month commitment
  • EMT certification
  • CPR certification for health care provider
  • Passing the entrance exam (details available upon request)
  • Completion of anatomy and physiology prerequisite course (details available upon request)

Click here for more detailed information about being a paramedic.

Indianapolis EMS paramedics are recognized as among the best in the state and nation, receiving numerous service awards and distinctions. Indianapolis EMS Academic Services paramedic science program consistently shows high success outcomes for retention, placements and credentialing:

TermNumber EnrolledRetentionPositive PlacementSuccessful Credentialing
Spring 20171782%1313
Fall 20161984%1415
Spring 20161794%1515
Fall 20151275%99
Spring 201515100%1515

To view the Indiana University Health Professions paramedic graduate outcomes click here.

For more information about our course offerings, contact us here or apply online for the paramedic science program here.

Below is a list of key dates for those interested in the program:

March 1-4, 2021: Mandatory Information Sessions

  • Attend one of these sessions to learn about program requirements, unique design of the curriculum
    and ask questions. Reserve your seat by going to our Google reservation form here or by emailing

March 19, 2021: Applications Completed 

  • Submit your completed application by this date. You may apply online here or we will also have applications available at the information sessions.

April 30, 2021: Entrance Exam

  • You must complete and pass the FISDAP entrance exam to test English and math competencies by this deadline.

March 15 (online), March 22, 2021 (live Zoom course): Anatomy & Physiology Prerequisite Course

  • This 15-week class
    will open online
    March 15. The first
    day of live Zoom
    class will be March
    22 or 24. Students
    must attend one
    live Zoom session
    each week.

Mid-July, 2021: Interviews

  • We will schedule you for a 30-minute Zoom interview with our faculty.

August 12 or 13, 2021: Mandatory Paramedic Program Orientation

  • You only need to attend one of the days.

August 16 or 18, 2021: Paramedic Program Class Begins