Becoming an EMT

In the EMS system, the emergency medical technician (EMT) is the entry level position and the start of a career in EMS. The EMT is a critical member of the EMS team trained for more than 160 hours in classroom, ambulance and hospital settings.  An EMT provides emergency medical care, typically supporting a paramedic partner, but also sometimes working independently. EMTs monitor patients and administer interventions for medical illness and traumatic injuries, both on the scene as well as in the ambulance during transport to the hospital. Additionally, EMTs may operate an ambulance while responding to the scene or transporting a patient to the hospital.

The Indianapolis EMS Education Services EMT program covers all the necessary curriculum to become a nationally registered EMT, qualified to work anywhere in the state and country. For more detailed information on becoming an EMT click here.

Indianapolis EMS offers both the traditional EMT program as well as the accelerated Civilian EMT program, for those who qualify.

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Emergency Medical Technician – Basic State of Indiana Certification Course

Required Dates

  • Classes begin in January, May and August of each year.

Required Prerequisites

  • CPR for health care provider.

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