Indianapolis EMS Education FAQ

How do I apply for EMT/Paramedic class?

  • Applications for both EMT and paramedic programs can be filled out and submitted through this website.

How long does the application process take?

  • This is a rolling application process which means that applications do not expire.  The application deadlines are posted on the education calendar.  Applications will be accepted late but will not be reviewed until the initial interview process has been completed.

What are the upfront costs and payment plan options?

  • Indianapolis EMS accepts down payments and payment plans for our education programs. Please ask us about them during the application process or through email.

Is there an online program?

  • The EMT program is a self-directed class (hybrid) which allows for students to do online book work but skills and testing will be done in the classroom.  There is no online program for the paramedic class.  All work is done in the classroom or clinicals.

If I don’t have the prerequisites required for admission what are my options?

  • The EMT course requires the AHA or American Red Cross BLS CPR Certification and a valid drivers license.  If you do not have your CPR certification, there is a class offered on Tuesday’s that will be included in your tuition cost.
  • The paramedic course requires current EMT certification, current CPR certification, competency in college-level algebra, English composition and anatomy and physiology with a “C” or better.  If you do not have a transcript showing completion, you may complete both a FISDAP Entrance Exam and an anatomy and physiology course and score passing grades.