I just called 9-1-1, now what?

  • Whether you are a patient or with a patient waiting for an ambulance:
  • Stay calm
  • Stay awake and comfortable
  • If possible, move to the main level of the home or building
  • Do not eat or drink anything
  • If the patient was in a car accident, suffered a serious fall or in unconscious, do NOT move them
  • Perform first aid if you are able
  • Arrange for childcare
  • Pack a small bag
  • Bring insurance information
  • Secure any pets
  • Turn off appliances and lock your home

I have an emergency; can I report it through this website?

  • No. This website should NEVER be used for emergency purposes. In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

How do I request Indianapolis EMS for my event?

  • Please visit our Contact section:
    • If you are holding a special public event, (i.e. sporting event, parade or festival) and would like to request medical support, select “Request an Ambulance – Event Support”. Please include all necessary contact, event and permit information as well.
    • If you are interested in requesting an ambulance for a show ‘n tell or other demonstration, select “Request an Ambulance – Demonstration”. Please include all necessary contact and event information as well.
    • Note: please allow 3-4 weeks advance notice when scheduling an ambulance. Due to staffing and ambulance availability, Indianapolis EMS may not be able to accommodate every demonstration request.

How much does an ambulance ride cost?

  • The fees for Indianapolis EMS ambulance service vary greatly based on health insurance and whatever health care coverage they might have. This is based on established contracts with providers and pre-determined payout rates.  The charges will also depend on the level of response provided (i.e. Basic Life Support vs. Advanced Life Support) and mileage factored in.

How do you determine which hospital a patient is transported to?

  • If the patient is conscious and alert, we will transport them to the hospital of their choice within Marion County and the immediately surrounding counties. In the event that a patient’s requested facility is not best suited for their immediate needs, Indianapolis EMS providers reserve the right to transport to a more appropriate location. If a patient is unconscious or otherwise unable to select a hospital, the choice can be made by family members present at the location of the incident, or will be based on closest available facility adequately equipped to address the patient’s immediate health needs.

Is it possible to meet the people who transported me to the hospital and saved my life?

  • Absolutely! We are more than happy to work to accommodate these reunions, as they often benefit our ambulance providers just as much as they benefit the patients. Please visit the Contact section to submit your request, and include as much information as possible, including date, time, location, nature of the incident and, if possible, the names of the providers involved.

I want to become an EMT or paramedic, can Indianapolis EMS help me?

  • Yes. Indianapolis EMS Education Services offers classes for both EMT and paramedic certifications. Please visit the education page for more information.

How can I work for Indianapolis EMS?

  • To get an overview of our hiring process and see open positions, please visit the careers page.
  • For any other additional questions, please contact us though our online form.