• Treat the Streets

    In Marion County and across the nation, there are factors that drain the resources of EMS services and their capabilities to provide the appropriate care, when needed.  One issue being addressed is recidivism to an emergency medical facility, even though treatment is accessible.  Through community outreach programs, such as CORE, IEMS is addressing the issue […]

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  • Shepherd Community Center

    As with many major metropolitan areas in the country, the story of Indianapolis can be divided into a tale of two cities. One side is the explosive growth of the tech industry and thriving, health care community. The other is pockets of generational poverty and helplessness. One organization committed to improving the quality of life […]

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  • Project POINT

    Prior to 2016, EMS and emergency departments were quite limited in what they could do for opioid overdose patients. Often they were left with the unsatisfying job of medically clearing them and then sending them out the door. In an effort to address the growing epidemic of opioid overdoses and deaths in Indianapolis, Project POINT […]

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